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Bucegi Mountains Trips

Bucegi Mountains Trips: your ticket to the heart of Romania

The Bucegi Mountains Trips will take you through a versatile local geology. Also, this area is protected since March 2000. The fauna and vegetation are also diverse. The edelweiss flower can be found in the valleys of the mountain. This flower is endangered and it’s protected by the law. More than 3500 species of animals live here. For example, the wolf, bear the black chamois and even the lynx. It’s very unlikely to pop into a bear or a wolf during our trips because these animals tend to avoid the crowded areas. The paths we will be walking on are rather populated and the wild animals will generally avoid them. This doesn’t mean that bear encounters are not possible. However they do tend to happen on less traveled paths.

Are the Bucegi Mountain Trips for you?

If you’re a nature lover, yes, the Bucegi Mountain Trips are definitely for you. Please keep in mind that those trips are designed for people with an average physical condition. If you have hiked before and think you can hike again for 5-7 hours, the trips are for you. Also, make sure you bring food and water with you. We will have a few short stops on the way in order to eat and rest. Then, we will continue. Finally, we will reach the Sphynx and the “Babele” (“The old women”), two miracles of nature. The Bucegi Natural Park has a total of 46 monuments, such as caves and monuments. There are a total of 39 marked trekking routes. We won’t be facing any sharp peaks, however cavers and climbers can also find their own challengind adventures.

Bucegi Mountains TripsWho will join me in the Bucegi Mountains Trips?

We are a team of professional, English speaking mountain guides. We are born and raised here in the heart of Transylvania. We will answer all your questions and guide you around the mountain. Also, you should bring food and water with you. Make sure that you have appropriate equiment. A pair of hiking boots is ideal, as well as clothing for the outside weather. The Bucegi Mountains Trips are especially designed for mountain and nature lovers. They are also suitable for children if they have hiked before. They should also have the strenght to hike for 5, up to 7 hours with short breakes.

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